The Perfect Date

Netflix’s latest rom-com, The Perfect Date, is an uninspired coming of age story that can be predicted beat for beat just from watching the trailer.

Unicorn Store

The formula of Larson and Samuel L. Jackson is tough to imagine. The fit seems like it would be unnatural, but the two make it work. As for Larson as a director, Unicorn Store shows us her future is bright behind the camera.

Slut in a Good Way

French-Canadian film, Slut in a Good Way, successfully challenges traditional gender roles and sexual double standards.

The Highwaymen

The Highwaymen is another example of Netflix using big names to crank out trash movies. The powerhouse streaming service has gone from Velvet Buzzsaw, to Triple Frontier, and now to this. Three movies and six hours of my life I wish I had back.

The Beach Bum

McConaughey takes the bongo drums version of himself to the screen in the biggest box office flop of his career.


Jordan Peele solidifies his status as hottest filmmaker in Hollywood with his sophomore film Us.

The Mustang movie poster

The Mustang

In Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre’s impressive directorial debut she highlights a violent convicts road to rehabilitation.


Georg is a lonely man who is trying to flea the Nazi take over. As the movie progresses the sloppy storytelling and under developed plot make the viewer wish Georg would get captured so we could get on with our day.

Was this the best year ever?

Greed. Corruption. Sticky social issues. These best picture nominations had something for everyone. Was this the best year ever?

Birds Of Passage

Drugs, family, tradition, and greed. Colombia’s submission for best foreign language film, Birds of Passage, has everything you want in a drug epic.

Triple Frontier

Netflix’s latest heist movie Triple Frontier shows promise but ends up settling for the same tropes that all corny military movies have. Your gun loving neighbor will love this one.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is 127 minutes of action and visually pleasing effects. Impressive as the effects are, the narrative fails to add originality to a formula Marvel regularly leans on.