It – Chapter 2

Between a rushed story and a ridiculously long runtime It (Chapter 2) did not deliver. Without the outstanding performances from some of the actors the sequel film would be nearly unwatchable.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

The Peanut Butter Falcon is the most charming movie of the year so far. With that being said, it’s Shia LaBeouf’s performance that ties this film all together. HE’S BACK!

The Farewell

The Farewell is a beautiful story about love, family and sacrifice. Director Lulu Wang blended drama and comedy to perfection.


Crawl is like throwing Jaws, Snakes on A Plane, and the state of Florida into a blender, and seeing what happens.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino’s 9th film marks his most personal and slowest film to date. Add Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to the already impressive resume of one of the most accomplished and controversial directors in recent memory.


Stale jokes, underwhelming action sequences, and forgettable characters make Stuber closer to a Netflix original than a big time studio release. This is one punishing ride share you won’t want to take again.


Blood, dicks, pubes and much more. Ari Aster made the most jarring film of the year with Midsommar.

Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 is the perfect victory lap ending to one of the most beloved franchises of all time.

Men in Black: International

The latest chapter in the Men in Black series, attempts to reboot the series with new leads and a different location. Unfortunately, Men in Black International is a lifeless recycled piece of IP (intellectual property) that does nothing to push the tired franchise forward.

Late Night Poster

Late Night

In a world dominated by live-action Disney remakes thankfully we still get some origin adult comedies such as Late Night…. for now.

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Gentrification, loss, love, family — the list goes on for what The Last Black Man in San Francisco has to say about the pressure that economic despair can put on a community.