Isn’t It Romantic

Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson

Starring: Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, Adam DeVine

Release Date: February 13th 2019

In the filmworld timing can be everything. If a movie is released to late in the year itcan be forgotten by the time award season arrives. If a move comes out in thesummer it may have the stigma of being a Blockbuster movie only. Regardless ofhow good the film actual is. Sometimes the release date can make or break amovie. It is certain that the day before Valentine’s day (Febuary 13th)was the perfect day to release the Rebel Wilson Rom-Com Isn’t It Romantic.

Natalie(Wilson) is a young aspiring architect living in New York City.  Unfortunately for Natalie she finds herselfat the bottom of the company totem Poole. Natalie is more likely to go grabcoffee then she is to pitch an idea. The only positive in Natalies life is herbest friend Josh. Josh played by Adam DeVine, is a co-worker of hers. Rightfrom get-go its known that he has a crush on his friend. Natalie is as herassistant puts it “blind to Love” has no clue or common sense to see Josh istrying to holler.

Isn’t It Romantic takes a fairy tale turn when Natalie bumps her head on a Beam at the subway. One way or another this head trauma puts Natalie in a real life Romantic Comedy. Everything starts to look dolled up post the head injury. The old City smell is gone, dead flowers are now blossoming, and her old apartment is massive and gorgeous.

Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine, and Liam Hemsworth in Isn't It Romantic (2019)

While inthis alter universe the often over looked Natalie is now finding herself beinghit on by all sorts of men. Including Blake (Hemsworth) the charming, rich billionaire,who is at the top of the architectural scene in the city.

Director Todd Strauss-schulson does do everything in his power to make his film not like other Rom-Coms. So much so that throughout the film the characters address things saying “this isn’t 13 going on 30 among numerous other name drops of Romantic comedies. Isnt It Romantic may not have the lasting power of 13 going on 30, The Big Sick or the greatest of them all Knocked up.

For Isn’t ItRomantic it’s the timing that makes the film. It’s a movie that is perfect togo see for Valentine’s day. It is good enough for anyone to enjoy. Maybe more specificallyfor a woman. (A chick flick at its core) personally, I was not upset with thefilm in the slightest. Certainly it won’t go down as anything memorable, butRebel Wilson was fun as usual. And for a romantic comedy that most of you willgo see with your partner, it is just fine for the two of you.

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