The Upside

Director: Neil Burger

Release date: January 11, 2019

Starring: Kevin Hart, Nicole Kidman, Bryan Cranston

If you have seen one Kevin Hart movie you’ve seen them all. That is no different with the box office hit The Upside, which also stars Bryan Cranston.

Cranston plays Phillip Lacasse, a multimillionaire who is also a paraplegic. Hart stars as Dell Scott, an ex-con who is trying to make a living for himself and provide for his son. When Cranston stumbles upon Scott it is clear that he wants to give this poor guy a second chance. Yvonne (Nicole Kidman), who Lacasse’s the caregiver, has other ideas. She does everything in her power to keep this criminal from looking after Lacasse.


Though The Upside does have its moments, we have seen most if it from the previews. Hart does enough in the beginning to keep us laughing, and Cranston has enough personality to keep us relatively interested in his character.

Hart surprisingly does a decent job of balancing his comedy with raw emotion. Cranston, who starred as Walter White all of those years, could surely hold up his end of the bargain in a budding dramedy with Hart.

The biggest problem with The Upside is a 2-hour run time. Its damn near impossible for a comedy to be over 100 minutes and keep the same level of humor throughout. The Upside definitely could have benefited from chopping about 30 minutes out.

It was only a matter of time that Hart and Kidman shared the camera in a movie together. Kidman, who takes on such a workload it would impress 2008 Adrian Peterson, probably should have said no to this one. As far Hart, The Upside does justice for his career. It’s the first time he is not just a one dimensional character.

The Upside has made a lot of money thus far. And will continue to do so. My advice is this: There are far too many great movies to waste your money on. Don’t waste it on this.

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