Ralph Breaks The Internet

Release Date: November 21st 2018

Director: Rich Moore

As far as films go, Ralph Breaks The Internet is usually not what I am into. Going into the movie I was fearful of being lost. I hadn’t seen the first of the series Wreck It Ralph in years. Though the original wasn’t awful, part of me wondered would I be confused on watching the sequel. Luckily I was not.

Ralph Breaks The Internet is an easy, mindless watch. Not in a bad way though. In a way that is designed for kids. After all it is an animated film. The movie does a good job of starting from scratch. Most of the characters are the same in both films. As the viewer we are never out of touch with what is happening. Whether or not we have seen the original. I know this has to be music to ears of all the parents who plan on taking their children to the movie.

As a whole Ralph Breaks The Internet does a decent to good job of keeping the viewer engaged. As a film viewer if I know what is going to happen I personally have the tendency to zone out. It is definitely my biggest movie going flaw. During Ralph Breaks The Internet I didn’t find myself doing this much. The film has just enough interesting ideas to keep the viewer on their toes.

Director Rich Moore has had a ton of success with animation projects. Moore also directed the original Wreck it Ralph as well as 2016’s Zootopia. Zootopia is my personal favorite of the films he has directed. When viewing Moores films it is clear he is trying to make something for everyone. Of course Zootopia and Wreck it Ralph are kids movies, there is a nice touch of adult humor. That feel for adult humor is a product of Moores early success as a former director on the American classic TV show The Simspons. Rich Moore as a director has found his place. The Wreck It Ralph series is hard for someone like me to get into. My animated films are things such as Toys Story, Shrek, and The Incredibles. All things that I grew up with in the early 2000s. Kids today seem to be all about the Ralph series. Time will tell what this series will be in 10 years. As of now it is a smart, funny, thoughtful watch. Check it out with or without kids.

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