Welcome To Marwen

Director: Robert Zemeckish

Starring: Steve Carell, Falk Hentschel

Release Date: December 18th 2018

When I first saw the trailer for Welcome to Marwen I thought two things. One “I like Steve Carell this should at least be worth watching.” And two “Why the hell is this grown ass man playing with these action figures?” I did find out why, although I wish my curiosity never lead me to spend the 10 bucks on finding out. Not only is that a bummer, but I can’t even get my 2 hours back.

Welcome to Marwen is a messy film. It’s hard to follow and somewhat choppy. It is a movie that has been made 100x before. Marwen, like its predecessors is about a tragic fall. A fall that ruins someones memory. In this case it destroys Marks (Carell). As you can imagine, Mark uses the toys to help create a new world and life.

Steve Carell has been on a decent run of being in successful movies. From Vice, Foxcather, Beautiful Boy, and even early on Dan In Real Life. All movies that did have their own flaws. But all were at least entertaining enough to watch. Marwen was the complete opposite. This was a movie that was so bad I can honestly not tell you one good thing about it.

As disappointing as the movie was, I am most disappointed in director Robert Zemeckis. Roberts claim to fame is being the director of the classic Forest Gump. A movie that is probably overrated. But still is an American classic, and a key part in any film conversation. The fact that this guy went from that to this is outrageous. How are you going to have that far of a drop of? One thing about Zemeckis is that he doesn’t have a style. He has went from Forest Gump, to the Denzel roller coaster of a movie Flight, to Welcome to mawen. Its hard to not appreciate the different ideas he has had. Maybe like Wale he wants us to love him for his ambition. Needless to say Welcome To Marwen was an ambition swing and a miss

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