Top 10 Movies of 2018

This is not a list of the 10 best movies of 2018. This is not a list of our Oscar favorites. This is a list of the 10 movies that we, as a collective, really loved watching; the shit that we wrote about in our diaries at night.

10. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

13 year-old Miles Morales is bitten by a radio-active spider he is turning him into Spider-Man overnight. Miles is forced to learn ropes rather quickly as gorilla sized Kingpin has threaten the world by opening a portal to another dimension. When opening this portrayal four other Spider-Beings are pulled into Miles world making him one of five Spider-Beings. With help from his new Spider-Friends, Miles must stop Kingpin from forever ruining the world as we know it. With a Super Hero we have seen on the big screen six times before, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a refreshing take on the web-slinger. The groundbreaking comic-like visuals set it apart from other Pixar films that we’re used to seeing. The original narrative on the hero and groundbreaking visuals make Into the Spider-Verse the best animated film of the year.

9. Sorry To Bother You

Timely. This is a movie that doesn’t get made 10 years ago. Sorry to Bother You is wildly original, clear in its message, funny, and has the perfect amount of absurdity. STBY comes from the mind of Boots Riley, a member of rap collective “The Coup”. Like “Get Out” or “Atlanta”, this movie is a reminder of what a creative person can achieve when given free reign over a project.

8. Mid 90s

Mid 90s follows a young boy in his early teens. That tender age when only two things really mattered: looking cool in front of kids older than you and suppressing pool party erections. In Jonah Hills directorial debut, he perfectly captures the awkward feelings of self-consciousness and anxiety of early adolescence.

7. Vox Lux

With the heavy topics that Vox Lux tackles, it is clear why there it received mixed reviews.At first glance you would think Vox Lux isabout a pop star. You see the face of superstar actress Natalie Portman and think this will be a film for everyone. That is not the case. Vox Lux is easily the most terrifying movie of the year. And it isn’t really that close.

6. Wildlife

 Easily the most forgotten about movie of the year. Wildlife is the perfect case of a movie that will be forgotten about based when it came out. This post will be released before the best picture nominations. But there is no doubt it will not be nominated for the award, which is a crime and probably wouldn’t be the case had it come out a couple months before. Nevertheless, Jake Gyllanhaal continues his streak of being incapable of being in a bad film. 

5. The Death of Stalin

There is no one on this planet who does political satire better than Armando Lannucci. Lannucci, creator of sitcoms like Veep and The Thick of It, was at the height of his powers while creating this one. Pair his always sharp writing with brilliant performances from Steve Buscemi, Jason Issacs, and Jeffrey Tambor, and you have a comedic tour de force that’s as dark as they come.

4. Burning

South Korea’s Burning features some of the best storytelling we’ve seen this year. Introverted loner Jong-Soo re-connects with a woman who grew up in the same neighborhood as him, Hae-Mi (Jeon Jong-seo). When she returns from a trip from Africa with a new friend, Ben (Steven Yeun), who is handsome, charming and mysteriously rich, Jong-Soo is immediately suspicious of their relationship. Jong-Soo’s suspicion and jealousy of Ben make for an interesting difficult love triangle. Director Chang-dong Lee handles this slow-burn mystery with a sense ambiguity that we don’t normally see. With a run-time of 148 minutes the suspense, performances and Lee’s unique style keeps you thinking the whole time.

3. Blindspotting

Better rapping or acting? Collin (played by Daveed Diggs) has three days left on probation when he witnesses something horrific while out past curfew. Collin struggles with what he’s seen and with his complicated relationship with long-time best friend Miles (Rafael Casal) who just might get him sent back to jail. Blindspotting is magic from start to finish. Exploring issues such as race, gentrification and police brutality, while having some of the most original blend of comedy, intensity and even rapping.

2. Boy Erased

I walked out after this one and not only was my homophobia cured, but I had also developed a same-sex attraction to Lucas Hedges. Boy Erased draws from the real life memoirs of a teen going through gay conversion therapy, and this movie elevates the powerful story with a myriad of oscar-worthy performances. Nicole Kidman’s performance elevates her to “top 3 Australlian People” status, alongside Hugh Jackman and Steve Irwin.

1. If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street CouldTalk is another masterful work by director Barry Jenkins. Beale Street is moving, emotional and romantic. Originally a book written by James Baldwin, Jenkins takes the novel and adapts it into a front runner for best picture. Following the relationship between Trish (KiKi Layne) and Lonny (Stephan James), Beale Street shows that with love there is always hope even in the face of social injustice. 

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