Director: Daniel Goldhaber

Starring: Melora Walters, Devin Druid

Release Date: November 16th 2018

Anyone who knows Daniel Goldhaber may need to check on him. They need to make sure their guy is doing okay. Goldhaber is the director of this Netflix original, his only film to date. Cam is essentially a mystery, thriller-porno. Some variation of the three. The movie is watchable, and will have you engaged for at least the first hour of the film. As the film progresses it, begins to feel like a full-fledged Netflix movie, which is often times not a good thing.

Alice, played by Walters, is our lead actor in the film. Alice makes her living by being a webcam porno star. She sits in front of what is pretty much new-age ooVoo and lets 47 year old men with saggy skin tell her what to do. When Alice does what the viewers of the webcam want, they send her money. Somewhere along the way, Alice begins to think she is going to be the next Stormy Daniels and allows herself to get too obsessed with the money she is making. Like everything on the internet, if you are not careful, it can get the best of you. Alice finds this out the hard way. (No pun intended.)

cam photo one

One of the shortcoming in the movie is there is not enough time spent with the other characters. Alice is our main character and we know all about her, but she has a brother and a mother that we know nothing about. At one point in the movie, Alice brags to her little brother saying “Look at all the dicks I get sent,” a quote I assumed was going to get him wound up but instead he just laughs about it and doesn’t bother. As for the mother, she is oblivious to what her daughter is doing. She is under the impression that her daughter just does web design. Even after one of the 47-year-old men with saggy skin shows up at her work looking for her daughter. A major red flag but something that isn’t really addressed by our director.

Cam does do a decent job showing us the power the internet and social media can have over us. The movie is the second of the year that uses social media as a major platform in solving a mystery. Searching, which came out this summer, did the same thing with way more success.

Cam has received some decent feed back from movie reviews. It’s not a terrible movie. But there is a bunch of other things available on Netflix to stream. Decent at most, Cam isn’t worth the 2 hours it’ll take out of your day.

My main take away was this: Unless its Christian mingle do not meet up with someone online.

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