Worth a Second Look: Top 5 Movies Reviewed in November

Action, race relations, zombies, nazis, gays, Mark Wahlburg adopting a bunch of mexicans… you name it. November provided quality movies for all audiences.

5) Overlord

If you were to take Call of Duty’s Nazi zombies and give it a script produced by J.J. Abrams, you would have Overlord. Overlord, at its core, doesn’t stray far from the tropes of the hundreds of zombie movies that have come before it. Even with the somewhat obvious story line, Overlord brings just enough originality and execution to keep audiences entertained and to be worth a look.

4) Widows

Widows provides a new, interesting take on the heist film genre. Widows has a story with so many different layers that serve to add depth to what may appear to be an Ocean’s Twelve story line. A star-stacked cast where everyone shines, especially Daniel Kaluuya, who successfully made it out of the sunken place to give all disabled bowling alley managers nightmares. Go see Widows aka the best heist film since Heat.

3) Green Book

Green Book is a heart-warming, consistently funny story about friendship, in which, race plays a background character. It’s family friendly and stays surface-level to appeal to a wide audience and that’s okay. It’s not a deep-dive into the subtleties of race like Blindspotting and it doesn’t have cops gunning people down like Detroit, but at worst, it’ll get you to stop saying “nigger” in mixed company.

2) Instant Family

A moving story about two parents getting in way over their head when they adopt a group of siblings. The movie gives some insight into how badly society needs quality foster parents and the stigma associated with adoption without getting too deep into the darker details. Keeping it fresh with laugh out loud comedy throughout, Instant Family is a must see for the whole family.

1) Boy Erased

A gay masterpiece. From the performances, to the directing, to the beautifully woven story, every part of Boy Erased is executed to near-perfection. A movie so powerful in its condemnation of gay conversion therapy, it could make Mike Pence host a gay pride parade in his own backyard.

Notable movies released in November but have not been reviewed: Roma, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, If Beale Street Could Talk

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