A Private War

Director: Matthew Heineman
Starring: Rosamund Pike, Stanley Tucci, Jamie Dornan
Release Date: November 2nd 2018

Actress Rosamund Pike is what makes A Private War worth a look. Most people have either A) never heard of A Private War or B) can’t put a face to the name Rosamund Pike.

With that being said, A Private War seems like the type of movie that has the potential to fall through the cracks, the same cracks that former athletes fall through: The “What ever happened to Darell Jackson or Alge Crumpler?” cracks, but in the film version.

Pike is best known for her role in the 2014’s Gone Girl, where Pike stars as Amy Dunne. The girl who it so miserable being with Ben Affleck that she frames him for murder. Leaving Ben Affleck in Gone Girl gave Pike the platform to receive critical acclaim for her role. It also shows good character judgment. Who would ever want to be stuck with Ben Affleck for life?!

As for A Private War, Pike is back popping off the screen. This time, it’s not as a miserable wife but as a war correspondent. Pike stars as Marie Colvin, a female war reporter who is never fearful of putting herself at risk in order to say what needs to be said. Pike portrays a very confident and yet delicate persona as Marie Colvin.

Director Mathew Heineman shows us the effects war can have on an individual. Heineman is best known as a documentary filmmaker. With A Private War our director shows us he is more than just that.

A Private War Picture

A Private War is a character study. It is almost completely about our lead character, Marie Colvin. The movie gives the viewer a look at the danger and love for writing that one must have to do what Colvin does. Colvin openly goes into war zone after war zone. She appears to have some sort of an obsession with it. Colvin needs to be in the middle of the action no matter the cost. Even if that means losing an eye.

As the movie progresses, the character study begins to take a slight turn. Director Mathew Heineman starts to show the clear toll that PTSD has caused on Marie. This seems to be why Marie is somewhat delicate. Even with her issues, Marie finds herself with if not a boyfriend, something close to it. Stanley Lucci plays the role of Tony Shaw, Marie’s newfound love interest. Lucci kills this role. His character is so believable he seems like the type of guy who would just be in front of you at the bank: The type of guy you and I see every day and think nothing of.

Pike and Lucci’s performances are enough to make anyone at least entertained. If you are at home on a rainy night and have already lost four times in Madden and are looking for something to do, I suggest A Private War. If you are just looking to pass some time and want to watch a B-plus movie, this is a solid, solid choice. At best, this film is probably an Algie Crumpler, and worth a look before it falls through the cracks, just as the Falcon great did.

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