Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Director: Marielle Heller

Starring: Melisa McCarthy, Christian Navarro, Richard E. Grant

Release Date: October 18, 2018

Melisa McCarthy may need to stick to her usual goofy, easy going, comedies. Can You Ever Forgive Me is a film that is 1 hour and 47 minutes too long. Everything in the movie feels forced. As a viewer it is clear that the role of Lee Israel (McCarthy) is not a great fit. The sort of fit you get when you convince yourself the size 11 Jordan fits when you really need a 11.5 McCarthy has flourished in other lead roles. Such as in the 2015 film Spy. Whether it is Spy or even some of her previous work, such as Bridesmaids, McCarthy flows more naturally as a comedy star. Not as the lead in a drama.  As for the films director (Marielle Heller) Can You Ever Forgive Me is a step back from her 2015 masterpiece The Diary Of A Teenage Girl.

Supporting actor Richard E. Grant is the lone bright spot. Grant stars as Jack, Israel’s close friend. Jack is the lone character in the movie that feels authentic. Grant pulls off the role of the protagonist’s best friend remarkably.

McCarthy on the other hand is trying to tackle the role of a struggling writer who is attempting to make money in an unconventional way, because her writing isn’t selling like it did before. Lee Israel (played by McCarthy) who is living in New York City, is devastated that her pet cat is fatally ill. With her beloved cat looming its death, Israel begins to forge letters of famous authors in order to make money to try to get the animal to the vet.

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Director Marielle Heller did not do much to make any sort of sympathy for any characters. McCarthy’s odd fit as Israel did not help this case either. In fact, part of me was hoping the ill cat would just die sooner rather than later In hopes Can You Ever Forgive me would be over.

Though the movie received critical claim it certainly does not do much to bring the viewer in. Can You Ever Forgive Me is a rough watch. A movie that is so slow out of the gate, that within minutes it is clear exactly what this movie is, and how it is going to go. If ever asked by Marielle Heller “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” The answer would be an absolute NO. It will be hard to forgive whoever convinces you to go out and spend money on this film. Frankly, it is hard to forgive myself for openly choosing to go see the year’s most overrated film.

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