Birds Of Passage

Drugs, family, tradition, and greed. Colombia’s submission for best foreign language film, Birds of Passage, has everything you want in a drug epic.

Triple Frontier

Netflix’s latest heist movie Triple Frontier shows promise but ends up settling for the same tropes that all corny military movies have. Your gun loving neighbor will love this one.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is 127 minutes of action and visually pleasing effects. Impressive as the effects are, the narrative fails to add originality to a formula Marvel regularly leans on.


Tackling subjects no one wants to talk about, Paddleton is unlike any bromance you’ve ever seen.

Climax movie


The visually stunning Climax feels like a living nightmare that neither you nor the characters in the movie can wake up from. Gaspar Noe does his best at fucking with the audience’s equilibrium while having you thinking: Who spiked the sangria?


In his first full length film Penna show’s us that he is more than just a youtube phenom. Even if he show’s this in a slow drawn out way.

Fighting With My Family

Fighting With My Family is WWE Studios best film since Walking Tall, which isn’t saying much. A few laughs and heartfelt moments aren’t enough to overcome a predictable narrative as The Rocks latest project falls flat.

Oscar Picks 2019

The picks are derived from the votes of our staff (three people) and hold about as much weight as The Dundies™ from the Office. We hope everyone enjoys this years Oscars with no host, all 24 awards being televised, and what figures to be a punishing live performance of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Isn’t It Romantic

Isn’t It Romantic doesn’t try to be something it is not. And for a Rebel Wilson led Rom-Com that is more than enough.

Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel

Robert Rodriguez/James Cameron collaboration Alita: Battle Angel trades character development and quality storytelling for explosions and corny dialogue.

Cold Pursuit

When Liam Neeson isn’t making racist statements he can still be found looking for revenge. Cold Pursuit shows us the old guy still can’t protect his kids.

High Flying Bird

High Flying Bird is a deep dive into the business side of pro sports and the implications of what it would mean to take back the on court product in a world that doesn’t need the rich white owners to cut the checks.